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Experts in aluminum extrusion machining solutions

Extrusion machining solutions are Modig Machine Tool’s expertise. We are experts in developing, engineering and producing high-performance manufacturing solutions for aluminum extrusion machining. Our machines are trusted by leading industries such as aerospace, automotive, and window and door manufacturers. Our solutions for extrusion part machining are equipped with one or two spindles designed to boost your productivity. We would be delighted to review your business case and demonstrate the advantages of MODIG Technology.

Automotive parts manufacturing


Our extrusion machining solutions add value for automotive part manufacturers. We offer solutions for sills, front cradles, subframes, cross members, crash boxes, and battery trays.

Aerospace part machining


Find your machining solution for aerospace extrusion parts, such as wing spars, wing stringers, seat rails, and floor beams. We have extensive experience in providing extrusion machining solutions.

Witness our extrusion machining technology in action!

MODIG has stayed at the forefront of manufacturing extrusion machining solutions since the launch of the world’s first machine featuring a rotary table. We have gained valuable insights into the extrusion machining process through continuous improvement and customer feedback. Today, our aluminum extrusion machining solutions can handle any extrusion shape in a single setup without any work holding required. Watch our videos to gain more insight in Modig technology for extrusion machining.

Extrusion Machining centers from MODIG

MODIG has a wealth of experience developing and constructing extrusion processing solutions for part and component manufacturing. We take pride in launching the world’s first rotary table extrusion processing machine in 1989. Since then, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is achievable in extrusion part machining with our technological expertise. As a result, today, we offer some of the fastest and most reliable machines for processing aluminum profiles. Our production solutions for extrusion machining are up to 40 – 70 percent faster than competing five-axis standard machines while saving 20 percent more raw material.

Our solutions come equipped with two [HHV2] or three rotary tables [HHV3] and one or two spindles [HHV DUO], allowing for the processing of straight bars and extrusions made of aluminum and composite materials.

What is an extrusion machining center?

The aluminum extrusion process and why you use extrusion machining

The extrusion process

Extrusion is a metal-forming manufacturing method to create objects with specific cross-sectional profiles. To start the process, a pre-shaped die presses a heated, cylindrical aluminum bar called an ingot. The die works as a tool to shape the aluminum as it is pushed through the matrix, similar to squeezing toothpaste out of a tube.

When the profile leaves the tool, air or water cools it down. Then, the shapes are stretched while they are still ’soft.’ This way, stresses are released in the aluminum, and the profiles finally get the correct dimensions. The profiles are cut and get their final strength through hot or cold aging. The next step is finishing or surface treatment to enhance appearance and corrosion properties. After the surface treatment, you can use an extrusion machining center to process the profile further and produce parts according to your specific requirements.

HHV machining center for extrusion and bar

Extrusion machining center

An extrusion machining center is a machine you use to cut and shape the extrusion into a finished part precisely. To achieve the shape you desire with pockets, holes, and other features, the extrusion machining center utilizes techniques such as sawing, deburring, drilling, turning, milling, and tapping. Its responsibility is to ensure the extrusion is cut and shaped perfectly.

In MODIG’s machine portfolio, you will find several machining centers for extrusion machining, HHV2, HHV3 and HHV DUO. Our machines are known for their speed and reliability in this type of machining. MODIG’s machines can significantly reduce production time and minimize waste during processing, making them a top choice on the market. Contact us to learn more about the MODIG solutions!

Extrusion solutions for machining

Industries using extrusion machining

Many industries widely use extrusion machining for its cost-effectiveness and time efficiency. The automotive industry has utilized extrusion solutions for many years, and manufacturers of electric vehicles require this type of machine to fabricate various parts and components, including battery trays, enclosures, and more. Similarly, the aerospace industry has also benefited from the advantages of extrusion.

Construction has increasingly favored aluminum extrusion due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and cost-effectiveness. Apart from commercial applications, several other industries extensively use the extrusion process. Learn more!

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